What are the Different Types of Graduate Programmes?

In general, it is said that the time has never been better to explore change or advance your career. However, have you ever wondered how many types of graduate degrees are and which one you should opt for?

Whether you are seeking to upskill or reboot your career or study something that you are passionate about then the postgraduate degree is the simple answer.

Pursuing a postgraduation qualification is surely one of the smartest moves that you will make in your life. It will ultimately benefit you, your career and your community. Moreover, it’s quite simple and easy.

What are the trendiest postgraduate options?

Well, there are mainly four levels of postgraduate programs you can choose from, relies on your career goals, previous mark sheets and experience.

  1. A Graduate Certificate

Let’s start from the beginning. A graduate certificate or a grad cert for short generally expands the required knowledge and skills that you have acquired from an undergraduate degree. They are perfect if you are already working in a field or have such qualifications in a specific area but also want to take your career up a notch.

Looking to switch careers? A grad cert is also ideal if you want to upskill yourself by learning something different and moving into a new field. We have all heard the word pivot when it comes to career flexibility. Furthermore, you can adapt and shift to the world around you by holding a grad cert under your belt.

  1. A Graduate Diploma

We all like to call it a grad dip. It is another step up from your undergraduate degree. It is a more specialised qualification and it is also shorter to stay in comparison to a master. Sometimes this qualification is only available to you if you don’t hold a graduate degree but have relevant work experience. So, are you all set to go along the way? With a grad dip, you are generally halfway to your postgraduate.

What is a postgraduate degree?

This degree is the more specialised qualification and can surely lead to career advancement and further opportunities for higher studies. When candidates consider doing higher studies they are also stepping stones to a higher degree through research or master by coursework.

Higher Degree by Research

It includes a research master’s and a Doctor of Philosophy also known as a PhD. With these degrees, you will have the power of changing the world for the better. Always try to add new knowledge to your area of interest by conducting authentic research-make new discoveries and also undertaking groundbreaking work.

More than three or four years of study you will able to make an original and important contribution to knowledge in your chosen discipline by conducting your own research and pen don your findings as thesis or dissertation.

A master’s by research also includes undertaking a major research project generally over two years. In addition to that you will also develop clinical research knowledge and skills to figure out, investigate, manage and resolve issues in your chosen discipline.

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