Introduction of technology:

We all know we have incepted in the era of the fourth industrial revolution.

We all know we have incepted in the era of the fourth industrial revolution. We are living the renaissance of technology and in such a state, technology and education system cannot be kept apart. Students must be taught about technology right from the early years of their education so that it does not come like an alien thing in their later times. Indian schools must embrace technology and education with an open heart and propagate the same to the students as it is there, where their future lies.

India has produced the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, engineers, doctors, scientists, and artists who are doing exceedingly well in their careers, but these are just figures of few people. Why is it that most people aren’t successful in India? The reason is that our education system falls behind a lot of countries in the world
As is evident, to make any positive tread, we have to revise the education system entirely. First and foremost, teaching should be viewed as a respectable profession because when teachers themselves and other sections of the society start viewing the profession with respect, teachers tend to work more seriously towards educating the child rather than teaching them. Secondly, one board should be applicable in the whole country with different instruction languages depending on the state with revision in the curriculum every 2 years to promote comprehensive development.

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