From Newbie to Expert: How to Become a Web Developer With No Prior Experience?

Do you wish to work as a web developer, then? According to a statistical report web developers’ jobs rank #3 among technology jobs. The advantages of a job in web development actually speak for themselves:

  • The labour market is expanding.
  • You have a high earning potential.
  • While taking advantage of the advantages of a tech community that is very linked, you can work from anywhere.
  • It’s a field that is always changing.

You have a variety of professional options now that you’ve taken the first step and decided on the position you want, so let’s speak about HOW you can fulfil your objectives.

  1. Earn Industry Accredited Certificates

It is important to get certification after completing a web development course to demonstrate that your talents are tried and true to potential employers since they want to know that you can walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

There is also a web design online course which is good to go for working professionals out there.

  • Microsoft Exam: HTML5 Programming with CSS3 and JavaScript: Developers with at least a year of expertise using HTML in an object-based, event-driven programming model as well as JavaScript to create critical business logic for a range of application kinds, hardware, and software platforms are candidates for this test.
  • The Linux Foundation: OpenJS Node.js Application Developer: This “two-hour exam examines your abilities in everything from managing asynchronous activities to managing processes to debugging Node.js. It evaluates the abilities and expertise that a seasoned Node.js application developer would be expected to have. The exam is performance-based and contains questions that simulate real-world situations.
  • PCAP – Certified Associate in Python Programming, a Python Institute exam: This “certification is a professional credential that tests your ability to complete coding assignments linked to the fundamental concepts and methods used in object-oriented programming in the Python language”

In addition to the above-mentioned courses, the web design courses online UK will provide you with the fundamental abilities needed to support the entire web application development process and will also get you ready for a number of certification tests. What’s best? You won’t need any prior coding expertise, and you’ll graduate having worked through issues that arise in web development in the real world.

  1. Learn algorithms and Data Structure

You may think of data structures and algorithms as the foundation of software development. Nearly all major tech companies, like Google, Amazon, Uber, etc., examine and grade candidates based on their knowledge of data structure and algorithm ideas. So, if you want to work as a software engineer, you need to be more concerned with data structures and algorithms. From fundamental subjects like Array, Queue, etc. to advanced data structure concepts, you can start learning about data structures. Given the abundance of tutorials and online courses (both free and commercial) that are available and that practically every topic is covered in accordance with industry requirements, it is highly advised that you choose GeeksforGeeks to learn Data Structure and Algorithms.

  1. Reach Out to the Recruiters

Last but not least, in order to find a suitable opportunity, you must contact professionals. Yes, even if you possess all the necessary qualifications, you still can’t expect to land a job at your ideal company while idly lounging about at home. To acquire the green light, you must network with people in the industry. You can contact corporate representatives directly via email, add them as contacts on social media sites like LinkedIn and Meetup, and browse the company website to check for openings. You must realise that in order to get more and more job opportunities and launch a great career, you must go forward.

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